Highly recommend

I met Laura over 2 years ago when my marriage was ending. This was a very stressful and confusing time for me. Laura is an extremely competent lawyer, but the reason I am writing this review is because she is also very compassionate. It took over a year to finally get the divorce papers signed, it got very ugly. It didn’t end there, it has taken over two years to get everything settled. Laura kept me calm and helped me understand my rights. Without her I believe I would have lost my kids and my sanity. She made very logical arguments and had sound reasons for everything she did. If you need a lawyer, Laura Callahan is a great choice for family law. She knows whats she’s doing, she knows the people who work in the courts and outside of them. She knows the law and will stand up for your rights. I found her to be trustworthy and responsible.

- (5 star review)

Superb family practice attorney

Ms. Callahan resolved an alimony and child support issue in California in 3 business days! Very accessible and diligent to resolve matter

- (5 star review)

HIghly recommended

Originally obtained for dissolution of marriage in August 2013 and only took 2 months. She then represented me in a custody case and always was available to answer questions. Caring individual and took my case personal and took the best interest of the child. I would highly recommend Laura for any family law case

- (5 star review)